Bit of a rant

Reading the news today and mum is very cross.
A well know dog food company royal canin has been found to have sponsored and given awards for bear baiting competitions in the Ukraine. It is believed to have been more than 1 😦

They are giving awards to dogs and owners that have attacked innocent bears that cannot defend themselves as have chains attached to them and many are declawed.
Makes mum very mad as the pet food companies are meant to want to help all animals including stopping suffering of wild animals.

Me is sending out big pawhugs to all those bears and hoping a rescue group is able to help them and give them a new home where they won’t suffer.

Because of this mum is boycotting royal canin. Which means no more diet food for stella 🙂 hehe

And we will be sending some of my biskit money to the bears if we find out where they have been rescued to. Just to show we care