Rip Daisy

Yesterday, my sister died peacefully at home with mum there. She was 3yrs old.

Daisy was born 17/10/2011 and Mum bought Her home when she was 4wks old as she was due pts. I took her as my own puppy and was a good mum to her. Daisy was in chihuahua harness till 5mths and didn’t walk properly till then and slow to develop.
She had lots of health issues- pancreatitis, poor digestive system and struggled with getting nutrients from food, allergies to everything and had injections every month.

Last year she got very ill and lost lots of weight so had lots of treatment to help her but this weekend she just gave up.
We did what we could to make her short life happy. She had friends to play with and could run in the woods and chase rabbits and birds. She was always a puppy – and had a possible brain defect causing her to not learn quickly so often got in bother, she only grew to whippet size and was very fast. She destroyed all my toys but I didn’t mind as she was my puppy.

She is now in a better place now where she can run around without any pain or suffering










Barks bunnies multi dog box

Mum ordered me a surprise box from barks and bunnies.
We received the love them happy multi-dog box for large dogs.
This costs £24.99 + p+p for a one-off box
available here


The items were shipped in the bark bunnies forage box, full of hay, just like all orders.
The forage box can be used as an extra toy, hunt for treats in the hay or just to make a mess!

The box
The box contained 7items, 4 toys and 3 treats. All high quality.
Items were all a surprise, hand picked by albie, the companies golden retriever, and his humans.
Items were packed well and nothing was damaged at all.



We received in our parcel-
– JW hol-ee roller Rrp £5.99
This is a tough rubber ball that is squishy and safe. I like to run with my balls so this allows me to still breath and pant and won’t hurt my jaw as can open and close my mouth. We had a look at this ball before on the site but was unsure of getting it. Also easy for the humans to carry as can squish in bag




– giggle ball. Rrp £3.85
We have had this before from a different place and is a favourite. It’s a plush pink ball that giggles when thrown around or stood on. It’s for inside use really as doesn’t like getting wet. My last one lasted a long time even with my sister chewing it


– gor pets tug rope. Rrp £2.99
Not one of my favourites out all the items. I play with rope tugs sometimes if another dog playing. The one provided is for large dogs and quite long and heavy. Would suit most larger breeds and seems tough.


-Kong dodo Rrp £7.49
This was a nice surprise item. We love long stuff. Especially the soft toys. The dodo has a soft outer skin with 2 squeak balls inside. It’s soft enough to carry but unlikely to break if I chewed or tugged. It’s not indestructible tho but I’m good with toys. We received the purple dodo. Think this will be my favourite item



Antos Cerea hedgehog chew. Rrp £1.89
This was first thing out the box. Iv had them before and only get as special treat. Similar texture to dentastick and are chewy. Made from vegetable so good for you.




Natures menu treats – beef and lamb Rrp £1.69 each
We got 2 packs of natures menu treats. These are high quality and 95% meat. Again we only get these as a treat due to price so wouldn’t have bought ourselves. I love the lamb ones so will share the beef.
I have no allergies but I’m sure if you let them know of anything you can’t have them they would make sure any treats are suitable.


Ordering a box was simple. You go to website(link at top of page) and select box you want- info on each box is given on each page or contact them for more info
– select from: Classic, premium, old soul, tough stuff, interactive, puppy or multi pet
– then select how many boxes you want. Prices depend on type of box chosen- prices below are for multi pet
Single box £24.99
2mths – £57.88 inc delivery
3mths – £86.82 inc delivery
6mths – £173.64 inc delivery
12mths – £347.28 inc delivery

Then select size of dog- small/med/large/ giant
And select if for girls boys or both

Very simple to do!

We also spoke to albie on Twitter to get more info and for him to find out what sort of stuff I like to make sure my box was suitable.

– the box Rrp was £25.60 if bought separately.
– it is a good box as a surprise gift for birthday or special occasion but we would not get a regular order. We will probably try one of the other boxes next.
– 7 items altogether. Higher amount than many subscription boxes
– all high quality items. No cheap toys that will break easily.
– excellent customer service- they will try to ensure all items suitable for your dogs requirements.
– nice mix of toys and treats.
– good range of toys, not just one sort but received balls, plush and rope items
– treats suitable for most- all natural/safe ingredients with no chemicals.
– all items are full size complete with tags. No sample sized items!! And will receive large size items if in large dog box- so no more getting tiny dog toys for me!!

All items can be found at the barks and bunnies website
barks and bunnies
Call FREE 0800 772 0152
Twitter @barksbunnies
And on Facebook too

Review: starmark Bob-a-lot

We received a large starmark Bob-a-lot from petshopbowl to review. All opinions are my own
Available from
pet shop bowl
£14.24 at time of review


The Bob-a-lot is a type of toy that stimulates the mind and let’s you think about how to get the treats inside.
Treats are put in through the lid and come out via 2 small holes in the side and top.
You have to push it over with your paws or nose but it bobs back up again!!
The 2 holes are adjustable to make it easier or harder or allow for bigger or smaller treats.
The lid can be left on so treats only come out bottom





Mum did find the holes quite difficult to close once opened fully and had to get a nail behind and was quite tough. So will be staying at midway for now.
The top hole was easier as turns.

We used our kibble as well as some larger biscuits. We had to split the larger biscuits in half to fit in. To be sure we opened the gap to how we wanted and tested the biscuit through the gap. (See last photo)

How easy to play with is it
I’m a bit funny with toys like this having never had toys before but I was interested as soon as it came.
Mum put the treats in it and put it on the floor for me. I was a bit confused at first but mum pushed it over a few times allowing a treat to come out and I copied her. I hit it with my paws and bashed with my nose.
I could not pick it up so had to think a lot about how I could do it.





How tough is it
It seems pretty tough. It’s been bashed on the floor and Iv tryed to chew it but struggled. I am known for picking up and carrying stuff around but couldn’t. It is rigid plastic and round. The only bit you could grab is the lid area which screws on quite right. We removed the ribbon that allows the humans to carry it around for safety incase I chewed and swallowed it.
The gaps that allow treats to come out are not big enough to get teeth in. So looks like it could last.

It looks a good toy and is simple to learn. Maybe not suitable for highly intelligent dogs such as collies who would empty it in seconds!!
We will be using it at times mum has to concentrate doing things and needs us occupied but probably not for long periods as I could get frustrated and leave it if I couldn’t get the treats after a bit.
However as it was a struggle opening and closing the holes we would have to mark it down as some people may struggle a lot.


Snow day!

So today mum announced she was off work as daycare was cancelled due to snow! Which means 1 thing….. Play time
Wellies on and balls ready and we met with bjorni to go zoomies on the park. We also met bella black lab and a new lab whisky who kept stealing toys off me











And who knew snowmen had such tasty noses!!

Xmas guests!!

So Iv been very busy past few months as mum decided I needed lots of guests to play with.
Turned into chaos rather than play tho and I’m exhausted.

Guest 1- milo
Milo is a 18mth lurcher. He is a rescue dog and still learning. Iv known milo since his owner got him and he has took a liking to me.




He stayed with us for a whole week including Xmas day!!
We did big walks but mum had to pay milo lots of attention cos he a bit dippy and runs after seagulls in the sky and has no sense!!
He also are all my Xmas treats and stole my toys and destroyed anythin left out!

Guest 2- poppy and Rosie- border terriers.
They stayed for a week too. They was nice but ended up causing mum a lot of trouble with owner cos of vet bills which is still ongoing.
They were quiet so got a bit of peace





Guest 3 – cheddar, collie mix
Cheddar was lovely. Mum loved her, dad loved and all my friends loved her. We went on big walks, played chase and played with balls and then went home and snuggled.
Only thing is mum not get any sleep cos cheddar woof at every little noise!
But mum says we will have her back!



So I’m exhausted

my first pawpost box!!

today as usual the postman banged on the door and bought me a big box!! it was a pawpost box that mum got as a prize on faceybook and she says its all for me!!

pawpost is a subscription box company just for dogs. you can get a one-off box or gt one every month… its up to you 🙂

prices start at £17,95pm for 12mth subscription up to £22.95 for 1mth subscription. subscriptions auto-renew so be careful if on the 1mth one! you can also give one as a gift for the same prices


so i let mum open it and it was wonderful!! lots of special things just for me. and it changes each month!!

    contents of my box


    1. a cotton bag for holding all my things with a funny pic on it.

this is your usual shopper type bag and good quality. it will be used to store my non-food items in or to carry my treats and toys and lead when we go out. it also has the pawpost logo on. it fits all the contents of the box in with plenty of room and isnt too heavy


    2. a cotton treat bag with a funny pic with drawstring close

this is meant to hold all my treats. however i am a spoilt puppy so woud not hold all of them as i have a huge box full of treats. mum says my special treats will go in here and its just for me. its a bit big to fit in her pocket but will fit inside her handbag to stop my treats making her bag smelly as she is constanlty picking bits of fish and liver out the bottom! (hehe!)

we would like to know where to get another one but no label on it


    3. lillys kitchen rise and shines treats

we love lilys kitchen treats here. they are all natural with no bad bits and good for you.
we havent had the rise and shines before tho so its a nice change. the rise and shines are baked biscuits that can easily be broken up as are pre- scored for you. they contain beef liver with carrots, turmeric, rosehip, nettle, alfalfa, molasses and sunflower seed. mum can understand what every ingredient is so no chemicals or flavorings or any nasty bits that could make you poorly. i will be looking forward to trying one.


4. kong squeakair ball on a rope

we also love kong and we love balls. we have quite a few squeakair balls and they are good. as a labrador we are known for loving our balls and we go through a lot of them through loss or destruction… but i havent managed to destroy one yet. the only way to destroy is to sit and peel the outside of but as a ball is for playing fetch and interaction between you and owner then you shouldnt be left to sit and peel. but its passed the daisy test too. she runs fast and chews on the ball as she runs. but the way squeakair is made hr jaws go down and the ball goes in. she cant gt a solid bite. she lovs these balls as they squeak when she bites them… she has hunting dog in her so probably things its a mouse (shes a bit stupid) we havent had the ball on a rope from kong before tho. mum is slightly worried as it isnt rope but fine plastic strands woven. there is enough space for a strand to get stuck between teeth so may not be suitable for dogs who grab at the rope bit. i panic when things get stuck which makes it worse. if it isnt suiitable for me it will go in my friend bellas xmas stocking as she grabs the ball


5.woofbrew healthy herbal tea for dogs

i have heard of this but never tried it. i do love my tea and am always pinching mums but now she says i can have my own in a special bowl (bowl not inc) we got the woofbrew for skin and coats included but there are a few different types. our pack contained 7teabags which make 1litre of tea each and meant to be used every day. it comes in a nice resealable packet with instructions and info on the back. the ingredients of this one are : burdock, dandelion, flax, nettle ,rooibos and seaweed so again, no bad stuff and is suitable for those fussy dogs with allergies and delicate tummies. we will be trying this after our walk. it can be given in a bowl or cup on its own or put over food


6. billy and margots popcorn

this is a larg bag and contains 100% air-popped popcorn with seaweed seasoning. i have had this before and wasnt keen (yes, you heard… a food a labrador doesnt like) we get it for birthday parties as you really only need to give a few. its suitable for the humans to have a nibble if they really want too!! but this will be going in bella the cockapoos xmas stocking as daisy can only have specific treats. again it is 100% natural so suitable for most dogs. the first ingredient is maize (corn) obviously so may not be suitable for dogs with some allergies. it is in a resalable bag to keep fresh and once the corn is finishd you can empty the bag onto other food to get all the benefits. would make a nice treat for birthdays or xmas


7. hair of the dog conditioning shampoo

i hate baths!! so not my favorite item (would have preferd another toy or treat) but mum likes it and we occasionally have to keep her happy. its not a brand weve heard of and for some items we like to stick to what we know we lik so if seen elsewhere we might not have got. it is made in the uk by oggypets and contains cranberry, rasberry and blackberry. however there are also a few words in the ingredients i dont recongnise. it says it is dermatologically tested so suitable for sensitiv skin and is antibacterial and free from certain nasties. it has a nice smell and comes out a smooth clear gel. it has natural conditioners so you shouldnt need to use a conditioner after. as daisy has regular baths it will be tsted on her – she has sensitive skin and is incontinent so the antibacterial should be good for her


samples of platinum dog food were also included. these were very small packs of chicken, lamb and rice, and iberico and greens.

the only issue is all the ingredients and information is in german so no idea whats in it or anythijng. on the front is a big label with 70% frischfleisch which thanks to google translator means 70% frsh meat which is very good for a dry dog food. it will be used as treats for me as because we dont know what ingredients are it is not suitable for daisy incase has any grains in. aftr another google search i found the english wbsite where you can vew the ingredients. it is an expensive food at nearly £30 for 5kg so will not be getting

iberico (pork) and greens – is all natural with pork, potato, carrots and herbs and plants so would actualy be suitable but people who got this in their box may not have been able to give this as may not have known

summer safety tips

now it is summer it is very warm which can be dangerous for us dogs. below i will put a few tips and products to help you keep cool!


1) paddling pool – this is great for splashing in and keeping cool. you can also put toys in to play. you can use a kids pool or a hard shell used for a sandpit instead of a specific dog pool. or you could go to the river or the sea

2) frozen kong – place food such as peanut butter, mashed banana, dog food, cheese or dog gravy in a kong and place in freezer to make a nice cool treat. if you dont have a kong fill a small shallow bowl or anysafe hollow object to make a frozen block.

3) cool mat – this is a gel mat that is pressure activated when dog lays on it to keep them cool. lots of different types and sizes. some mats charge up through non-use while others go in the freezer

4) cool coat – our personal favorite is the ruffwear swamp cooler but may be pricey for some owners. cool coats are worn like a regular rain coat on the dog and wrap underneath. most are activated by wetting the coat and will keep your dog and their organs cool for around 3-5hrs depending on brand. this is ideal if your dog spends time outdoors or has to go walking in the heat

5) life jacket – these will keep your dog safe while keeping cool in the water should they go in the river or sea or if around water such as on a boat. not all dogs are natural or confident swimmers and may need a bit of extra support when swimming. we reccomend the hurtta life jacket.

6) dog shoes – dogs paws can burn very easily when walking on concrete as the temperatures are so high. if you have to go out get a set of boots for your dog to wear. we use the brand paws which are rubber and come in varying sizes , they are suitable for if your dog has injuries, for snow, ice and sun and are disposable. for a higher price ruffwear also do hardwearing quality boots for climbing

7) elevated bed – these are beds raised off the floor allowing cool air to flow under the bed keeping your dog cool. these beds are usually made of mesh or canvas allowing air to get to the dog and can hose down. we reccomend hi-k9 who are also on facebook. they also have a sun shade that attaches

8) doggy sun cream – usefull for thin hair breeds such as whippets and mexiacan hairless and dogs that burn easily. available from petkin as a spray or wipes to put on ears, nose and any other showing skin. spf 15 and safe. the petkin one is the only one i have seen and available from amazon and a few online shops

9) toys!!! lots of toys that can be frozen or go in water.

fatcat freeze and chew or multipet chillybone – these can be placed in the freezer for an hour and took out to chew and play with

hydroball/ring – put under or in water before use then play. when your dog bites it water will come out leaving them refrshed. we found you need a good bite to work.

kong floating toy – allows you to throw toy into water and it will float allowing dog to retrieve. brightly colored with a rope. also the water wubba which can be thrown or tugged and squeaks

10) shade – pick a spot under a tree or canopy for the dog bed or blanket. many dogs will not move once settled and cannot tell you they are too warm. heatstroke can happen very quickly.

check your dog regularly and dont let them sit out in the sun for long.

make sure they always have access to water and change it often to keep it cool.

if the dog is panting heavily, drooling, shaking or other signs of overheating then get her out of the heat and to the vets. try to get temperature down using cool water and wet towels . heat can kill in 30mins!