interview with bjorni

ImageFor next few weeks I will be interviewing some of my friends from the park unless mum breaks computer again 😦

Name:bjorni bigbum

Breed: Norwegian elkhound

Age/dob: 8 October 2012


Favorite food: I like treats the best and mum gives venison sossidges.I’m fussy with my breakfast and dinner and sometimes refuse it till i get scrambled eggs.that’s a favorite. I also love pupcakes from dog cafe


Favorite toy: I don’t really play with toys but will pick up a ball if I know Lucy wants to play with it 🙂 I do like my football but don’t play on my own


Favorite activity: I love playing in mud and sand and rolling in dirt. I also enjoy wrestling with Stella and following nice smells. My favoritest activity tho is embaressing mum


Dislikes: I dislike being told off- mum puts on her stern voice.I also don’t like being told to do ssomething.mum drags me off field  when I don’t want to go so I get grumpy


Bad habits: if I don’t want to do something then i lay down and wont move. Iv also worked out barking before 7am annoys the neighbours 🙂 mum says fussing over food is a bad habit of mine and also not coming back


How.often do you see your friends: every morning for 2-3hrs and sometimes in the evening too.I sometimes see them around town and in dog cafe


People reaction when.see you: lots of people are scared of me as I look like an akita and I’m always happy to see them so I bounce near them but people are getting less nervous around me.I get lots of attention from young men.


Favorite people: my mum but i also love workmen in high vis jackets and will sit and stare at them for hours.


Collar caddy review

week we are testing the collar caddy by pick it up.


It is a collar with 4special compartments allowing dogs to carry their own stuff.

We are testing the large size for dogs 20kg+ with neck 17″+.


What is included:
Collar caddy with high quality flat buckle collar.


2 x drinks bottles each holding around 1/3 glass of water.suitable for a normal walk but will need refilling or extra bottles if longer walk or warm weather.they have their own compartment in the caddy



10x disposable drinks trays to be used with the bottle for a drink.they unfold easily and can fit 1-2 in caddy but small enough for your pocket.will last 1walk but designed to be thrown away after


20x large good quality poo bags. Folded up ready to pop in caddy.fits 2-4 depending on other stuff being carried. Can also use your own if you fold them.


Emergency lead- lightweight nylon.tested on 26kg Labrador pulling towards food and is strong.fits neatly into compartment or in a pocket

The large caddy is brown and gold so will fit in most dogs coloring without standing out too much.

The compartments are in 2 sections with a clip in middle that comes off to help.clean easily.the clip also helps caddy to bend and adjust to most dogs necks.


The caddy is easy to clean and will wash with warm water and dry easily.the collar is also washable.

The collar caddy can also be used with your own flat buckle collar as the collar supplied comes out easily and new collar slides in in 30secs.this allows dogs with a different neck size to the collar supplied can wear the caddy.below is our own collar


The compartments are not fully watertight if going swimming in river or heavy rain. It is recommended to have treats and drink trays in plastic bag.


Only small bag of treats can fit in compartment if carrying trays,bags and lead as well.slightly bigger bag or loose treats can fit in if not using both bottles or trays etc.


Took us a while to find a good way to fit everything in.we put a drinks tray and lead in one section.and pok bags and treats in the other side.this allows compartments to close properly.


An id tag can be attached to collar as normal and can also be written on in permanent marker on outside or a label.stuck inside in case of loss of dog.


I’m not bothered bout it round neck and have fallen asleep wearing it. It is not heavy or bulky and is curved so doesn’t dig in neck if I rest head on it

-Fits most dogs as can change collar
-Cleans quickly and easily
-Fits a lot of things in
-Not bulky or heavy

-Small waterbottles-need extra bottles on a bigger walk
-Although fits lots in, doesn’t fit more than 2-3poo bags and trays(some dogs do lots of poos)
-Not watertight in heavy rain or river(I like splashing in river)

Overall mum says she would buy another one and thinks it good quality item.