Rip Daisy

Yesterday, my sister died peacefully at home with mum there. She was 3yrs old.

Daisy was born 17/10/2011 and Mum bought Her home when she was 4wks old as she was due pts. I took her as my own puppy and was a good mum to her. Daisy was in chihuahua harness till 5mths and didn’t walk properly till then and slow to develop.
She had lots of health issues- pancreatitis, poor digestive system and struggled with getting nutrients from food, allergies to everything and had injections every month.

Last year she got very ill and lost lots of weight so had lots of treatment to help her but this weekend she just gave up.
We did what we could to make her short life happy. She had friends to play with and could run in the woods and chase rabbits and birds. She was always a puppy – and had a possible brain defect causing her to not learn quickly so often got in bother, she only grew to whippet size and was very fast. She destroyed all my toys but I didn’t mind as she was my puppy.

She is now in a better place now where she can run around without any pain or suffering










One thought on “Rip Daisy

  1. *soft paw* Such sad news that Daisy went to the Bridge at such a young age. We are grateful though that she chose you to walk her short life’s journey with, Lucy. She was obviously a happy girl *smiling at the piccies* and had a lot of love and fun in her life. Run free, gorgeous Daisy … one of the brightest stars in the sky xox

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