Charlie and derek biskits

Today I got my biskit order from Charlie and Derek dog treats. Came carefully packaged in a box with lots of bubble wrap and a special treat for mum wrapped up too. And a selection of samples for you to taste other flavors or pass onto your friends.
All treats are in cellophane packets tied with pretty coloured ribbons- each treat has its own colour and also include a gift tag if you want to give as a gift.


My flavors this month are banana and carrot flapjacks, bacon egg and cheese biskits and mackerel oaties.

My favorite are the mackerel oaties as I love fish.they taste very fishy and have a bit of smell but not too strong. Mum can have them in her pocket without pocket getting stinky too. They are perfect sizes for going to the park with and for training.

Banana and carrot flapjacks are lovely with a bit of sweetness added with honey. I only get these as special treat. Just like most of the other treats in the range these can be carried in pocket without stinking or crumbling but can be broken in half easily for small dogs although perfect size for all.unfortunately mum also likes these ones 😦

The bacon egg and cheese is a new flavor inspired by our friend Bella who loves bacon. You can smell all the flavors and I picked this one most times in a treat chowing test. The texture is great and doesn’t crumble.

All treats have natural ingredients and even humans can eat if they really wanted to although they are for us dogs. Each order includes a human biskit. Mum has had a gingernut, a shortbread and a choc shortbread biskit and hasn’t lasted long enough to take pic of.

All treats including wheat-free treats and gift baskets can be found at for very reasonable prices. They are also on twitter @Charlie__Derek and you can talk to them about their biskits


Please help Toby



This little fellow is Toby an 18week old black labrador who is very poorly.
His owner took him to the vets as he was struggling to walk, but when the vet mentioned he would need an operation on his hips, his owner asked for him to be put to sleep 😦
luckily some nice people at ani-aid pet care services managed to get him and are now trying to fix his legs so he can run and bounce like other puppies.

He has visited the vets a few times and they have said he will need a double hip replacement at the estimated cost of £4000 per hip!
They have currently raised around £1500 but desperately need more donations.

You can help by sending a donation through PayPal to with the reference Toby
Or send a cheque to k. Adams 280 alderman green road, Coventry cv1 2pd
Or if you would like to help while getting yourself a tasty treat then will be donating 5% donation from every bag of treats sold during august to go towards tobys hip fund. There treats are yummy!

Find out more and keep up to date on twitter @aniaid999

Bit of a rant

Reading the news today and mum is very cross.
A well know dog food company royal canin has been found to have sponsored and given awards for bear baiting competitions in the Ukraine. It is believed to have been more than 1 😦

They are giving awards to dogs and owners that have attacked innocent bears that cannot defend themselves as have chains attached to them and many are declawed.
Makes mum very mad as the pet food companies are meant to want to help all animals including stopping suffering of wild animals.

Me is sending out big pawhugs to all those bears and hoping a rescue group is able to help them and give them a new home where they won’t suffer.

Because of this mum is boycotting royal canin. Which means no more diet food for stella 🙂 hehe

And we will be sending some of my biskit money to the bears if we find out where they have been rescued to. Just to show we care

Harnesslead review



We recently won a harnesslead in a giveaway and have decided to review it after testing it as it is a new product for us. Mum thinks it’s great

What is the harnesslead and where can I get it.
The harnesslead is a clever idea that gives you a harness,slip lead and fixed lead all in 1lead.
Currently only sold in the USA but they do ship to the UK. Available from their website

How much is it?
We won ours in a free giveaway so didnot cost us anything except import vat. The harness lead is currently $27 and around $6-10 for us postage and $25 for UK postage not including any import tax.we paid around £3 tax plus royal mail handling fee of £8

What is it made from?
The harnesslead is made from soft polypropylene rope in 5different colours. This rope is soft and doesn’t rub or tangle and can stand being dragged on ground.

How does it work?
To use as a slip lead the collar section goes over head and has 2 coloured knots that slide to enable it to open or close the amount you want.
To make the fixed collar you just slide the knots so the rope cannot loosen or tighten and stays in place.
For the harness the collar section goes over head loosely to shoulders and the lead passed under the tummy and round back the the special hole near the neck and a rubber stopper moved to tighten.this allows the lead to tighten if dog pulls and loosen again.
Videos are available on the website and on youtube for proper instructions on fitting

Will I fit my dog?
The harnesslead is designed to fit all size dogs.there is a smaller version available for the smaller breeds to prevent a long lead but the main one can fit from the smallest to the biggest.has been tested by us on a 15kg lurcher,25kg lab and 38kg mastiff mix without any problems and no choking or escaping although the lead is quite long but can be shortened using a carabiner clip to aattach handle to ring near neck

Good points
-Fits all sizes 
-prevents pulling
-Slip lead doesn’t choke
-Hard to escape harness as tightens
-Easy to fit on dog
-Easy to carry when off dog
-Good value if multiple dog house
-squeezes out when wet and doesn’t get all crusty or tangle
-soft on dog and on human hands

Bad points
-Lead has to trail on floor if dog has free run but needs harness kept on causing it to get muddy and wet
– bit awkward if dog moving about while fitting
-Lead is a bit long on our smallest dog when not clipped to neck ring
-Knots are bit stiff to move to aadjust sizing
– ermm, can’t find any others just yet

More information can be found on their website, youtube and facebook by typing in harnesslead