Review: starmark Bob-a-lot

We received a large starmark Bob-a-lot from petshopbowl to review. All opinions are my own
Available from
pet shop bowl
£14.24 at time of review


The Bob-a-lot is a type of toy that stimulates the mind and let’s you think about how to get the treats inside.
Treats are put in through the lid and come out via 2 small holes in the side and top.
You have to push it over with your paws or nose but it bobs back up again!!
The 2 holes are adjustable to make it easier or harder or allow for bigger or smaller treats.
The lid can be left on so treats only come out bottom





Mum did find the holes quite difficult to close once opened fully and had to get a nail behind and was quite tough. So will be staying at midway for now.
The top hole was easier as turns.

We used our kibble as well as some larger biscuits. We had to split the larger biscuits in half to fit in. To be sure we opened the gap to how we wanted and tested the biscuit through the gap. (See last photo)

How easy to play with is it
I’m a bit funny with toys like this having never had toys before but I was interested as soon as it came.
Mum put the treats in it and put it on the floor for me. I was a bit confused at first but mum pushed it over a few times allowing a treat to come out and I copied her. I hit it with my paws and bashed with my nose.
I could not pick it up so had to think a lot about how I could do it.





How tough is it
It seems pretty tough. It’s been bashed on the floor and Iv tryed to chew it but struggled. I am known for picking up and carrying stuff around but couldn’t. It is rigid plastic and round. The only bit you could grab is the lid area which screws on quite right. We removed the ribbon that allows the humans to carry it around for safety incase I chewed and swallowed it.
The gaps that allow treats to come out are not big enough to get teeth in. So looks like it could last.

It looks a good toy and is simple to learn. Maybe not suitable for highly intelligent dogs such as collies who would empty it in seconds!!
We will be using it at times mum has to concentrate doing things and needs us occupied but probably not for long periods as I could get frustrated and leave it if I couldn’t get the treats after a bit.
However as it was a struggle opening and closing the holes we would have to mark it down as some people may struggle a lot.



Snow day!

So today mum announced she was off work as daycare was cancelled due to snow! Which means 1 thing….. Play time
Wellies on and balls ready and we met with bjorni to go zoomies on the park. We also met bella black lab and a new lab whisky who kept stealing toys off me











And who knew snowmen had such tasty noses!!

Xmas guests!!

So Iv been very busy past few months as mum decided I needed lots of guests to play with.
Turned into chaos rather than play tho and I’m exhausted.

Guest 1- milo
Milo is a 18mth lurcher. He is a rescue dog and still learning. Iv known milo since his owner got him and he has took a liking to me.




He stayed with us for a whole week including Xmas day!!
We did big walks but mum had to pay milo lots of attention cos he a bit dippy and runs after seagulls in the sky and has no sense!!
He also are all my Xmas treats and stole my toys and destroyed anythin left out!

Guest 2- poppy and Rosie- border terriers.
They stayed for a week too. They was nice but ended up causing mum a lot of trouble with owner cos of vet bills which is still ongoing.
They were quiet so got a bit of peace





Guest 3 – cheddar, collie mix
Cheddar was lovely. Mum loved her, dad loved and all my friends loved her. We went on big walks, played chase and played with balls and then went home and snuggled.
Only thing is mum not get any sleep cos cheddar woof at every little noise!
But mum says we will have her back!



So I’m exhausted