coachies lick treat review

This week we have been given 2 coachies lick treats to review. There is 1 bacon flavour and 1 chicken flavour.

These have been provided for us by


What is it?

Coachies lick treats are a small bottle filled with chicken or bacon flavored syrup. At the top of the bottle there is a small ball that you lick. As you lick the ball rolls round so each lick there is always a tasty treat. The bottle does not leak unless you squeeze it hard without lid on. So pretty safe!!


What’s in the bottle?

Coachies lick treat contains around 500 licks per 50ml bottle. There is 1 calorie per 8licks.

Both flavours contain chicken, brewers yeast, glucose, green tea extract And vitamin E. The bacon flavour also contains natural bacon flavouring.


What can I use it for?

The bottle is perfect for putting in your pocket for a treat when out and about, it is also good for all types of training or situations where a quick and tasty reward is needed. It is silent so no more rustling packets during training sessions and disturbing dog.

We have been using for working on heelwork as the bottle fits in your hand well. We have also used for recall as the smell is very attractive to dogs.


Taste test



The smell is strong to begin with to the human nose but quickly becomes unnoticable. Both chicken and bacon smell is non- offensive and smells like most chicken or bacon flavoured items. The smell attracted the dogs as soon as lid was off- even Stella who was asleep. It cannot be smelled once the lid is on.



Lucy went mad when it came to being allowed to lick. We made her do a bit of training first tho!! Stella sniffed it but wasn’t sure what to do as she’s not a very licky dog.




Overall this is a great treat for a dog that likes licking and ideal for training dogs who get distracted by rustling of treat packets. Its also low calorie so good for longer sessions.

We give it 8/10.

We would like to see more flavours eventually. We knocked off a point as it isn’t suitable for dogs who aren’t naturally licky or unsure about licking.




daisy update

Daisy is nearly at the end of her fortnightly injections! Only 2 more to go!! She is up to 14kg but still needs a few more to go.

She back down to 1 walk a week again as was losing a lot of weight when she was on 3 walks but vet not know why still.

She on lots of food- more than me!! But still skinny. but she not allowed to run around much or play and she very grumpy and keeps stealing my toys and growling. Grrr