Ode to a Sausage

The Adventures of Bella and her Friends

My name is Bella Greyhound
And I just made up a rhyme.
I would like for you to read it
If you’ve got a little time.

I am a sausage fan and
I am not afraid to say
That it would make me happy
If I had one every day.

I don’t mind if the sausage
Is made out of pork or beef
Cos they both go down quite easy
When I chews them with my teef.

I rather like the posh ones
And the cocktail ones are great,
The ones I had at Christmas
Were the best I ever ate.

Hot or cold don’t matter
As I likes them either way,
So please give me a sausage
Cos I aint had one today.


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ruffwear harness

Earlier this month mum decided I needed a more secure harness so she can grab me easily and to use on our group walks that involve lots of stiles to lift me over. We had a look at a few and after chatting to people we decided to try out the ruffwear webmaster harness


We got our harness from our friends at http://www.barksandbunnies.co.uk as they had a sale on but they are available from most big online stores or direct from http://www.ruffwear.co.uk. The rrp is £59.99

After measuring we decided to get their medium size. We were a bit confused with sizing as had looked at the wrong size guide but the people at ruffwear were helpful and made sure we choose a correct size. We could have fit in the small but medium gives extra room for a coat or if I get fat!!


We choose the color red currant but it is also available in twilight grey.



Ruffwear describes this harness as

supportive multi use harness ideal for hiking scrambling rehabilitation and mobility assistance

– features efficient easy clip buckles to keep straps in place

-anatomical design for controlled and comfortable lifting and load dispersion

– 5 points of adjustment for customised fit

– 3M scotchlite reflective trim

– secure design for Houdini dogs

– foam padded chest and straps for comfort

– 2 attachment points



Fit- it went on well although fiddly to do all the initial adjustments. We viewed the sizing video on YouTube – search ruffwear webmaster fitting. We were initially concerned the harness was loose before we were advised there was a bit of elastic near the back to allow comfort when laying down. We got it to quite tight but not too tight and I could still walk and lay down.

It fully adjusts to accept both Stella and daisy as well. Daisy has a skinny body but deep chest and is a houdini dog as well as a puller but after an initial struggle managed to go for a walk in it without any hassle. Stella has a chunky body so needs a tighter front strap but looser round back end. She is at the largest end of medium so would require large size.




Think was quite comfy. We went for many walks and didn’t rub or make me move funny at all. I went to sleep in it even whern it was wet.we did climbing, running, swimming and rolling in it without any fuss


Easy to walk in. The lead clips to a sturdy ring on back that is out their way so won’t trip up. Handle can be held for when walking past items mum not want me to eat 😦 or if people come past on a small track.


One of the main reasons we choose the webmaster is due to abuse as a puppy I have a bad back which means I can’t jump and climb very well. Many of our walks involve stiles where I get distressed seeing the other dogs jump over leaving me but I’m quite heavy to pick up by collar and bottom so we use the handle to lift me over easily.

So far we haven’t done any hard stiles that require heavy or difficult handling



The harness dries quite quickly. We tested during a 4hr walk just after a thunderstorm so got very wet. Underneath of harness was fairly dry and dried quick once took off. The only thing mum doesn’t like is it attracts hair easily. The photo below was after the trials fitting and it wouldn’t come off


IMG_94629640451433 IMG_94625470868356

Overall we would reccomend to friends and family as is a good quality harness however it is quite expensive if you just want to use it for a normal harness. But if you go hiking or need a harness because of mobility issues or injury then it is ideal.


We will be trying out the new ruffwear basic harness whern it comes out. This is netter suited if you want a good quality walking harness without the huge price so keep watch!!


visiting dogs

This week we has had a visitor staying with us. Harry a golden retriever is staying cos his humans on holiday so I has to entertain him!!


Harry is 11mths old and spent the first 7mths of his life kept locked in a kitchen all day. He was then rehomed cos he destroyed the kitchen. He only knows a few commands and was quite nervous when he arrived but he bouncing all over now!

I am expected to share my toys (cos that’s what good dogs do) but he has took therm all! Luckily he’s not a big chewer cos he carries my teddies around. He also chewed my antlers and hooves.

I have took him on my walks and met all my friends. He was very scared to begin with as the first dog he saw was Hetty a 10mth newfoundland- who is big and likes to jump on dogs and drag therm by their collar- and she pushed him in the canal. 

He loves the water so have been to the river everyday!!! 


He has also learnt to carry the lead and keeps trying to pull me along. I do it to other dogs but not too fun when it happens to you 😦 




We has him for around 5more days then he goes back home. I think he’s had fun and mum says we might see him again! But when he’s gone I’ll get another friend!! I’m bit fed up tho as everyone asks if we is related and if harry is my dad!! I is older than him!! Pfft


coachies lick treat review

This week we have been given 2 coachies lick treats to review. There is 1 bacon flavour and 1 chicken flavour.

These have been provided for us by www.monsterpetsupplies.co.uk


What is it?

Coachies lick treats are a small bottle filled with chicken or bacon flavored syrup. At the top of the bottle there is a small ball that you lick. As you lick the ball rolls round so each lick there is always a tasty treat. The bottle does not leak unless you squeeze it hard without lid on. So pretty safe!!


What’s in the bottle?

Coachies lick treat contains around 500 licks per 50ml bottle. There is 1 calorie per 8licks.

Both flavours contain chicken, brewers yeast, glucose, green tea extract And vitamin E. The bacon flavour also contains natural bacon flavouring.


What can I use it for?

The bottle is perfect for putting in your pocket for a treat when out and about, it is also good for all types of training or situations where a quick and tasty reward is needed. It is silent so no more rustling packets during training sessions and disturbing dog.

We have been using for working on heelwork as the bottle fits in your hand well. We have also used for recall as the smell is very attractive to dogs.


Taste test




The smell is strong to begin with to the human nose but quickly becomes unnoticable. Both chicken and bacon smell is non- offensive and smells like most chicken or bacon flavoured items. The smell attracted the dogs as soon as lid was off- even Stella who was asleep. It cannot be smelled once the lid is on.



Lucy went mad when it came to being allowed to lick. We made her do a bit of training first tho!! Stella sniffed it but wasn’t sure what to do as she’s not a very licky dog.




Overall this is a great treat for a dog that likes licking and ideal for training dogs who get distracted by rustling of treat packets. Its also low calorie so good for longer sessions.

We give it 8/10.

We would like to see more flavours eventually. We knocked off a point as it isn’t suitable for dogs who aren’t naturally licky or unsure about licking.



daisy update

Daisy is nearly at the end of her fortnightly injections! Only 2 more to go!! She is up to 14kg but still needs a few more to go.

She back down to 1 walk a week again as was losing a lot of weight when she was on 3 walks but vet not know why still.

She on lots of food- more than me!! But still skinny. but she not allowed to run around much or play and she very grumpy and keeps stealing my toys and growling. Grrr

I am back!

I have been away for a while as mum lost my password and she been busy!

She has finished her old job so I no longer sleep in an office all morning while she does typing. I enjoyed it cos I with mum but was very boring… And the owner of office got a kitty kat 😦

Now mum has a new job! And I get to be with her all day. This job much more exciting as I have friends to play with…. Mum is a dog walker!!

I get to play with other dogs for a few hours. At the moment we know all the dogs so it very exciting but mum says new dogs that I dont know will be joining us. That sounds fun too but I hope they is nice to me and doesn’t eat my ball.


My sisters both been poorly so mum been backwards and forwards to vets all the time sorting them out. I’m good and sit patiently waiting for her to come back but sometimes she gone for a bit