visiting dogs

This week we has had a visitor staying with us. Harry a golden retriever is staying cos his humans on holiday so I has to entertain him!!


Harry is 11mths old and spent the first 7mths of his life kept locked in a kitchen all day. He was then rehomed cos he destroyed the kitchen. He only knows a few commands and was quite nervous when he arrived but he bouncing all over now!

I am expected to share my toys (cos that’s what good dogs do) but he has took therm all! Luckily he’s not a big chewer cos he carries my teddies around. He also chewed my antlers and hooves.

I have took him on my walks and met all my friends. He was very scared to begin with as the first dog he saw was Hetty a 10mth newfoundland- who is big and likes to jump on dogs and drag therm by their collar- and she pushed him in the canal. 

He loves the water so have been to the river everyday!!! 


He has also learnt to carry the lead and keeps trying to pull me along. I do it to other dogs but not too fun when it happens to you 😦 




We has him for around 5more days then he goes back home. I think he’s had fun and mum says we might see him again! But when he’s gone I’ll get another friend!! I’m bit fed up tho as everyone asks if we is related and if harry is my dad!! I is older than him!! Pfft



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