I am back!

I have been away for a while as mum lost my password and she been busy!

She has finished her old job so I no longer sleep in an office all morning while she does typing. I enjoyed it cos I with mum but was very boring… And the owner of office got a kitty kat 😦

Now mum has a new job! And I get to be with her all day. This job much more exciting as I have friends to play with…. Mum is a dog walker!!

I get to play with other dogs for a few hours. At the moment we know all the dogs so it very exciting but mum says new dogs that I dont know will be joining us. That sounds fun too but I hope they is nice to me and doesn’t eat my ball.


My sisters both been poorly so mum been backwards and forwards to vets all the time sorting them out. I’m good and sit patiently waiting for her to come back but sometimes she gone for a bit


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