interview with bjorni

ImageFor next few weeks I will be interviewing some of my friends from the park unless mum breaks computer again 😦

Name:bjorni bigbum

Breed: Norwegian elkhound

Age/dob: 8 October 2012


Favorite food: I like treats the best and mum gives venison sossidges.I’m fussy with my breakfast and dinner and sometimes refuse it till i get scrambled eggs.that’s a favorite. I also love pupcakes from dog cafe


Favorite toy: I don’t really play with toys but will pick up a ball if I know Lucy wants to play with it 🙂 I do like my football but don’t play on my own


Favorite activity: I love playing in mud and sand and rolling in dirt. I also enjoy wrestling with Stella and following nice smells. My favoritest activity tho is embaressing mum


Dislikes: I dislike being told off- mum puts on her stern voice.I also don’t like being told to do ssomething.mum drags me off field  when I don’t want to go so I get grumpy


Bad habits: if I don’t want to do something then i lay down and wont move. Iv also worked out barking before 7am annoys the neighbours 🙂 mum says fussing over food is a bad habit of mine and also not coming back


How.often do you see your friends: every morning for 2-3hrs and sometimes in the evening too.I sometimes see them around town and in dog cafe


People reaction when.see you: lots of people are scared of me as I look like an akita and I’m always happy to see them so I bounce near them but people are getting less nervous around me.I get lots of attention from young men.


Favorite people: my mum but i also love workmen in high vis jackets and will sit and stare at them for hours.


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